GHL Dental FAQs

Product Questions:

Q: What is GHL for Dental, and who are we?

A: GHL for Dental is powered by RecordLinc Inc./DrDDS Innovations. We specialize in developing custom software and integration solutions for practice management systems. We’ve built a user friendly integration tool for the High Level platform with the help of the High Level team. We are the exclusive integration partner for High Level!

Q: What is our affiliation with Dentrix, EagleSoft and other Practice Management Systems?

A: We are the preferred integration partner for both EagleSoft and Dentrix. We follow the developer guidelines for all practice management systems and we pay these providers their use fees when we add integrations for all dental practices.

Q: Is GHLDental HIPAA Compliant?

A: Our integration process is 100% HIPAA compliant. RecordLinc Inc./DrDDS Innovations takes HIPAA regulations, patient privacy, and security of its data seriously. We have put into practice a series of security measures and procedures that exceeds the standard requirements. We have a 2 million dollar insurance policy on the integration as well as annual HIPAA audits to make sure we are up to code on the standards. We have completed integrations for thousands of practices and across hundreds of different software. The data is completely safe as it passes through the integration process.

Q: Do I need to purchase the HIPAA compliant add-on from GHL?

A: We do not require any additional GHL package purchase to add integration. We do provide agencies with tips and training on HIPAA compliance marketing.

Q: Does the integration work with my “white-labeled” platform?

A: Yes! We’ve added the connection titled “Other CRM” to cover all GHL products without associating the GHL name for your clients.

Q: What GHL package is required for integration?

A: The pro package is required to add the DPMS integration. You can have the SAAS or Agency plan, both work.

Q: What’s included in the Agency subscription?

Our agencies will receive integrations to specified PMSs, HIPPA compliance, cyber security, and help with their first integration.

Q: What other integrated products and services are available to our Agencies?

A: DrDDS has created custom software tools for over a decade. We’ve launched over 250 softwares and developed many valuable add-on tools that can be white-labeled to help you grow your business. A few great matches for agencies include; an Analytics platform, Insurance Verification, OneClick Referral and easy Patient Records sharing software (designed to accommodate the 21st Century Cures Act).

Integration Questions

Q: How does the integration work?

A: We have easy to use integration instruction sheets for each of the Practice Management platforms we integrate with. With the practice’s assistance, we will download an installer on the practice’s server to easily add the integration in just a few easy steps.

Q: Does the practice need to participate in the integration?

A: We will need the practice’s participation to access their server. For your first few installs, we recommend scheduling the integration call with our integration specialist, your team’s integration specialist, and the practice’s IT person or similar staff member with server access.

Q: How long does it take to integrate?

A: Most integrations take less than 5 minutes. The first sync can take approximately 1-2 hours to pull all data over to the CRM.

Q: What’s included in the integration package?

A: Integration services include support from our integration and product development teams. We provide a secure and easy process to complete the integration in just a few easy steps. We host the data and pay the fees to each practice management system provider monthly so there are no additional costs passed along to you or the practice outside of our flat fee per practice integration.

Q: What are the use cases for PMS integration?

A: Integrating your GHL platform with your client’s practice management system can allow you to streamline your efforts as an agency. Along with having all patient data to easily manage marketing, email, text reminders, etc. it also allows you to see calendar availability so you can assist with scheduling appointments, and pulling data into existing pipelines. We’re always working on additional benefits and use cases for the product!

Q: How often does a sync occur?

A: Data syncing occurs every few minutes for maximized accuracy.

Q: Does the integration include read and write-back options?

A: Dentrix and Eaglesoft do not permit write-back options for the majority of fields in their systems as of now. For more information on the read and write-back options of each DPMS, please see our complete “fields available” list here:

Q: How does the scheduling integration work for practices with multiple operatories/locations/providers?

A: The integration allows us to sync specific providers to specific operatories to easily mirror typical schedules within the practice. You can also create phantom operatories to schedule consultations or virtual appointments. We provide options to manage larger practices with multiple providers/locations.

Q: What if I want integration for a Practice Management System that is not included on the list?

A: DrDDS specializes in PMS integration solutions and we are working on adding additional platforms to this service. We can build out custom integrations for other systems and softwares. Schedule a call with us for more information.

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